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Tier 3 Personal Pension

FMT Ahomgye3 Pa Personal Pension Scheme

The  FMT Ahomgye3 Pa account is a retirement-oriented investment that helps individuals
from the formal and informal sectors to fund their future retirement. This plan is to
give pre-retirees the chance to plan and contribute any amount of preference to a
retirement-oriented investment. A retirement account that helps you gain high returns
on your contributed principal over some time.

The scheme is designed in line with the New Three-Tier Pension Reform under the National Pension Law, 2008 (Act 766). It falls under the Third- Tier of the New Pension Reform

  • It is a voluntary pension scheme.
  • A minimum contribution of 5% of Basic/Single Spine per month  and a maximum contribution of 16.5%
  • It is a defined contribution scheme (it is a pension plan where the contributions made to an individual account are credited to his/her account, and the amount to be paid is dependent upon the investment experience).
  • A scheme member can make unscheduled contributions.
  • The fund attracts a competitive interest 


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