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Pension & Provident Fund Management

SIC-FSL is the leader when it comes to retirement plans in Ghana. Our services include

  • Individual Retirement plans
  • Employer sponsored retirement plans

Be it a defined benefit scheme, a defined contribution scheme or a combination of both, investment of contributions and plan assets follow strict fiduciary rules, and investments are managed prudently and in a way that best represents the collective interests of all participants in a retirement plan.
Our approach in investing has delivered superior returns for all the provident and pension funds we manage.

With the introduction of the Three Tier Pension Scheme under the National Pensions Act 766, SIC-FSL leverages on its expertise in pensions management to provide a wide range of services including

  • Pension fund advisory
  • Pension fund management
  • Pension fund migration

These services will be instrumental in transforming the lives of retirees in Ghana through sustainable pension fund management for pension schemes of employers and corporate trustees.