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Investment Research

SIC-FSL Investment Research provides fundamental insights and analysis to give clients real competitive advantage when it comes to interpreting market events. Our analyses which cover the equity, fixed income, currency, economics and commodities markets, provide investors with informed views and actionable ideas on economic indicators, markets, companies, and asset classes around the world.

We recognize that research is the foundation for any investment so from up-to-the-minute original trade ideas, to longer-term thematic pieces that explain the financial markets in depth, our mission is to constantly offer new and original ways for investors to build value.

Our reports are classified into;

  • Equity markets research which studies all sectors in emerging markets in Africa. Our analysts focus on key sectors on various African stock markets to identify investment opportunities. Our rating and recommendation system is clear and comprehensible and backed up by educated commentary that keeps the fundamentals front and centre at all times.
  • Economic and commodities research focuses on providing macro and strategic analysis on emerging markets economies whiles giving a clear cut direction into investment opportunities that exist in the commodities market.

Our well sought after reports and timely analysis has seen as well represented on international research platforms such as Standard & Poors’, Reuters, CNBC Africa as well as Bloomberg. We dominate the local media with our insightful research, with presence in the Business & Financial Times, Business Guide and other media portals. We have a dedicated team, focused on providing detailed analysis in Equities, Fixed Income, Currency, Commodities and Portfolio strategy. Our analysts cover sectors including Agri-business, renewable and non-renewable energy, Information Technology, Finance, Industrials among many others.

Our reports are segregated into two accounts; namely

  • Proprietary Account: restricted to only subscribers, Institutional investors and high net worth individuals.
  • Universal Account: A non-restricted account for any and all persons from which reports are distributed electronically for the consumption of a global audience.